Do you want to be the protagonist of your life? Do you want to discover another culture, another country? Do you want to improve a core competence, such as English? We can help you! How?

With any of our employment, internship or study programs in another country

Hotels program

Work in a hotel in the UK, Ireland, Malta or Cyprus. Accommodation and online English course (UK only) included.

Language Immersions Program

For groups, to spend a week in one of our locations (our top destinations: London, Eastbourne, Broadstairs and Winchester) studying in the mornings and doing activities and excursions to other cities in the afternoons. Accommodation with local families. Ideal for a different group trip.

Study Program

Customized program. You choose the length of stay, number of hours, extras, if you need accommodation ... and the destination (London, Bournemouth, Canterbury, Broadstairs, Winchester or Bray, in Ireland).

Internship Program

We search an internship in a British company, in any field that suits you and we offer you accommodation with a local family, in case you require it. Get the best of you by working in English in your sector.

Get an allowance for your stay

Now you can get financial aid for mobility from European Union programs, which can cover all or part of the cost of our programs. Do not miss it and ask us about it.


These are some of our destinations

What people say about us

  • Ana Trapero Vílchez

    Sidmouth - September 2019

    "6 months working in a hotel from which I take with me thousands of memories". -View on Facebook

  • ‎Adriana Criado‎

    Salysbury - June 2018

    "It is a new and different experience, but a change is always good." -View on Facebook

  • Marcos Bugallo Jimenez

    Clevedon - December 2012

    "A very good experience, both to work, learn English and of course, to assert yourself, thank you very much Bringing people." -View on Facebook

  • Alicia Aguirre Lora

    Harrogate - September 2016

    "I have learned so much and met so many great people, that no matter how much work I have had, I would not trade this summer for anything." -View on Facebook

  • Alvaro Villamor

    Cromford - November 2015

    "They find you everything, including accommodation, which is usually very cheap. It is a very good way to start living in England." -View on Youtube

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Language immersions

Some of the schools that have worked with us.

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IES Auringis


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IES Galán Acosta

Montoro (Córdoba)

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IES Hermanos Machado


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IES Tierno Galván

La Rambla (Córdoba)

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IES Isla de León

San Fernando (Cadiz)

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IES Séneca


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